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Quality should never be a compromise when it comes to your health. We use organic shea butter, therapeutic essential oils, and supplements, to fight common health issues and sports injuries. We use eucalyptus oil to boost the immune system, lavender to relax and orange essential oil for energy. Some of our products also include certified organic hemp-derived CBD for maximum efficiency.

Our products are handcrafted with organic ingredients designed to improve your health. We use no talc, no aluminum, and no parabens so that everything is 100% healthy and good for you!

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Goat's Milk Soap 2000
Goat's Milk Soap 2000
Goat's Milk Soap 2000
Goat's Milk Soap 2000

Goat's Milk Soap 2000


No shower will ever feel the same after trying this incredible soap. We use goat's milk along with essential oils and 2,000mg of certified organic hemp-derived CBD for maximum efficiency. With this soap, your skin will feel smooth and soft and pain and inflammation will be reduced as well. Oh, and did we mention that a loofah is attached to the soap for ease of use and comfort?!


Miko Moore


For the first time in a long time, I was able to walk a mile without plantar fasciitis pain because of Inner Sol Maximum Relief Shea Butter. It is a miracle worker. if you or anyone you know has an ache or a pain anywhere, do yourself a favor and get a can.

Bernard Edmonds


After receiving a recent sports injury on the basketball ball court, I had begun to experience pain in my knee. Once i received the product from Inner Sol Essentials. I use Maximum Relief 2000. I felt instant relief. This product has a great potential for typical treatment for pain, and the aroma is also therapeutic, as it provides a soothing calm. It is so effective that I plan to test other products in the coming days.

Esther Alexander


All I can say is I am a proud and happy recipient of this amazing butter. I have arthritis so bad, A bad knee, spinal stenosis, spondylolthesis and they have claimed that I have Fibromyalgia. All I know is the pain is real. But, when I wake up in middle of the night I reach for my Maximum Relief 2000 Shea Butter and rub some on, and in minutes (literally) I am back to sleep. Thank you Inner Sol for such an amazing Non - addictive pain reliever.

So Many Great Reasons to Use CBD Organics Products

Improve any or all of the following things for your everyday life.







Smooth Skin



Our products are made with 100% organic, pesticide-free hemp plants. This means you never have to worry about dangerous additives or preservatives that can cause allergic reactions.


We follow strict guidelines as set forth under the 2018 United States Farm Bill. We invest in third party testing to ensure our products contain no THC.

Tried and Tested

We follow strict potency guidelines and invest in manufacturing processes that will yield the purest CBD while always meeting legal requirements. You can access all of our testing results, so you will know all the ingredients — without any guessing.

Efficient and Effective

The endocannabinoid system helps the brain regulate the body to achieve a steady state, scientifically referred to as "homeostasis". Our all-natural CBD products are designed to stimulate these receptors and give you near-immediate results.

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