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Inner Sol Medicinals

Our Story

Alayna McGee Gilbert, M ED

Alayna McGee Gilbert is the owner and product developer for Inner Sol Essentials and Inner Sol Medicinals. Alayna is a retired science teacher. She was a Golden Apple recipient / “Teacher of the Year,” in 1996. After 25 years of service she was diagnosed with epilepsy and multiple sclerosis and was forced to retire from education. It was the devastating diagnosis of MS that birthed a holistic business.

Determined to beat MS she began to research holistic medicine combined with modern medicine. Believing in education, she went back to school to study the art of making soap and shea butter with essential oils for healing purposes.

First she volunteered to participate in a medical study to cure MS. Alayna completed four years of immunization chemotherapy. During the chemo treatments Inner Sol was developed. Alayna Gilbert designed a line of holistic shea butters to treat inflammation, immune deficiencies and pain. In 2016 we began creating shea butter infused with Hemp, CBD and Electrolytes. Inner Sol takes pride in providing the public with a quality product that improves life.

“I began using herbs and botanicals to heal my body because God created everything our bodies need to thrive. My mission is to share my products with the public and exchange knowledge so that we can heal each other. Maximum Relief Medicinal Shea Butter is an organic pain relieving cream that is phenomenal. My testimony has made this product the top selling and sought after item at health stores, dispensaries and local farmer’s markets in Southern California .”

Alayna Mcgee Gilbert